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What does An Online Marketing Agency Do?

  • 17 April, 2022

Digital marketing has become an overall term to describe all marketing activities taking place online. There is also a common misconception that this activity begins and ends with social media management and SEO. In reality, digital marketing encompasses far more than just these two fields and is designed to provide companies with many services, including insightful strategy, sophisticated design, and impactful digital experiences that come together to turn complex into a simple solution.

The purpose:

Digital marketing is a complex and continually evolving space that requires data-driven decisions and collaboration between visionary innovators. The truth is that even the world’s leading conglomerates do not have the time, budget or expertise to devote to mastering the art of digital marketing, which is why agencies like Indian Business Hub comes in...

Here at IBH, we are an Auckland based digital marketing agency that lives and breaths in the digital realm, bringing together a tribe of unique individuals bound through their shared connections and who are committed to the proficiency of the online world. Although we operate in a digital landscape, we believe that business potential lies in the connectivity between humans, and are uniquely placed to bring this crucial relationship to life through digital strategy and media. 

What IBH can do for you:

Because digital marketing is such an expansive territory, we cannot speak for the operations of other digital marketing agencies in Auckland. Still, we can tell you what IBH does and how our digital marketing services can accelerate your progress.

Strategy. Design. Digital Marketing

As previously mentioned, digital marketing is an expansive space. It encompasses a spectrum of services, including strategy and design, amongst more conventional digital marketing practices such as SEO, social media management, and paid search. At IBH, we offer a comprehensive digital marketing experience to our clients and split our services into three core categories – Strategy, Design, and Digital Marketing. 


All productive digital marketing activities need to be backed by smart, data-driven strategies. Here at IBH, all of our partnerships begin with qualitative and quantitative research to help us better understand the challenges ahead of us and ensure that our proposed plan of action will deliver maximum impact. Alongside essential market research, our team of data scientists uses web analytics, CRM systems, and other secure data sources to identify key growth opportunities and to inform our design and digital marketing initiatives. Some of the strategy-based services that we offer include: 

  • Brand Strategy

A solid brand strategy underpins all aspects of your business, laying the foundation for growth and transformation. 

  • Growth Strategy 

Ultimately, it all comes back to revenue, and digital marketing has a significant role in helping you grow and expand your business. 

  • Digital Strategy 

The world as we know it is changing, becoming ever more reliant on digital communication. An effective digital strategy will help you to connect with your audience and stakeholders through the platforms they use the most, making use of poignant visuals and messages that make your brand stick. 

  • Culture Strategy 

Company culture isn’t something that forms overnight, but it is essential to create a sense of community and maintain a pace of passion in the workplace. 

  • Channel Strategy 

Where you choose to speak online is just as important as what you have to say. An effective channel strategy can help you reach your target audience more efficiently, improve revenue opportunities, and strengthen your brand identity. 


There are some people out there who may try to argue that design is not a fundamental part of digital marketing; however, we beg to differ. The digital world is not confined to text-based communication and thrives on vibrant visuals that, when used effectively, can tell more than a thousand words. Whether you like it or not, successful businesses create their legacies from the foundations of innovative design, which is why it forms a significant part of our digital marketing agency. Some of the design-based services that we offer include: 

  • Branding 

Visual identity forms a crucial part of any business. Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing your existing heritage, you need a brand that resonates with your audience. 

  • Website Design 

Your company website is not only a digital biopsy of your business but is also an indispensable first impression, so you need to do it right.

  • Product Design 

Human-centric product design is essential for creating an intuitive, user-friendly product that delivers on your organization’s value. 

  • E-commerce Platform Design 

E-commerce platforms need to be instinctively intuitive and trustworthy if they are going to perform their best. 

  • UI/UX Optimization 

UI/UX optimization is intertwined at every digital touchpoint and never ends, requiring continuous improvement through data and performance evaluation.  

  • Video Production 

Video is now one of the most effective forms of digital media, bringing words and images to life, and capturing your audience’s attention. 

Digital marketing

Finally, we come to the services most commonly associated with digital marketing. Although these services are offered by the majority of digital marketing agencies in Auckland, it’s important to remember that they are nothing without the foundation of proper strategy, research, and design needed to bring them to life. Some of the digital marketing services that we offer include: 

  • Organic Search 

Search engine ranking and online visibility are essential for attracting potential customers and growing your business’s identity. 

  • Paid Search 

Expand your visibility to your target audience and get ahead of your competitors by using paid search to put your business exactly where you want it. 

  • Brand Campaigns 

Whatever your goals, an efficient campaign based on qualitative and quantitative research can help you achieve them. 

  • Digital Advertising 

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and on the right platform with efficient digital advertising. 

  • Social Content Management 

Create, schedule, analyze, and engage with your customers and followers on your social media platforms improving your market reputation. 

  • WordPress Development 

WordPress is the prevalent content management system – make sure that you stand out from the crowd with unique brand expression. 

So what does a digital marketing agency do?

As you can see, an experienced digital marketing agency approaches the digital world in its entirety, from data to delivery, providing far more than just content management and organic search assistance. When used in unison, strategy, design, and digital marketing come together to unlock untapped potential and are an invaluable tool that cannot be ignored. To partner up or just say hi, drop us an email to info@indianbusinesshub.co.nzor give us a call on 0275090203

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